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Info Apply to be an Elite Ranger!

If you would like to apply to join us in the Elite Rangers then you will first need to register as a member of our community, then post a new thread in this forum. The post section will automatically fill itself out with a few questions for you to fill in.

Once you have posted your application thread then you also need to send a request to join the 'Group Member' usergroup on our forums. You do this by going into your group memberships page, clicking on the 'Join Group' option (see 1 below) to the right of the 'Group Members' usergroup. Then click the 'Join Group' button (see 2 below) to submit the request.

You will be asked to enter a reason for the request, simply type in that you want to apply to be an Elite Ranger and click the 'Send Request' button.

Once you have done that you need to wait for one of the group leaders to approve your request (they will PM you).

When you have received the confirmation from them that you are now a member of the Elite Rangers you will need to go back into your group memberships page and at the bottom of that page you should see the option to select which group you want to be identified as a member of, the same as in the image below:

Simply select the option to the right of the 'Group Members' line (marked 1 in the image above) and then click on the 'Update Display Group' button (marked 2 in the image above) and that's you all done!

Your name should now be in a glorious orange in the userlist and in posts on our forums and you should see your name in the Elite Rangers Roster, at that point you can also speak to any of our Discord administrators in the Elite Rangers Discord server and they will happily give you your Rangers rank on there as well.
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